Testing and training
our employees:

We want to be able to guarantee the best possible quality for our current and future projects at all times. To this end, every applicant (welder, fitter, electrician) is tested on theory and practice. All applicants’ practical skills and knowledge must meet the required level before they can join us. We test the ability of our current and future employees:


Trust has set up its own training and testing centre for welders to continuously improve their skills and certify the quality of their performance. The training is carried out by our experienced staff, consisting of a highly skilled welding specialist and a certified welding engineer (IWE, VT2).

In our test and training centre, we have set up nineindividual test and welding stations equipped with new LORCH welding machines. The stations can be easily expanded if necessary.

According to Trust company policy, every candidate must pass our practical test to demonstrate they meet our high quality standard before being hired. After any necessary additional training and formal testing, welders are certified according to our company’s procedures.

In our test and training centre, welders are certified according to ISO 9606-1: 2017and ASME Section IX standards and, when required, according to the PED/2014/68/EU directive and/or AD 2000-HP3 standard for welding processes tracking (according to ISO 4063: 2009 standard). For carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

  • 111 – MMA – Manual metal arc welding with covered electrode (SMAW – Shielded metal arc welding);
  • 135 – MAG – Metal arc active gas welding with solid wire (GMAW – Gas metal arc welding);
  • 136 – MAG – Metal arc active gas welding with filled wire (FCAW – Flux-cored arc welding); 138 – MAG – Metal arc active gas welding with metal filled wire (MCAW – Metal cored arc welding);
  • 141 – Tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welding with solid rod (GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding).


When tests and training have been successfully completed, welders’ qualification test certificates are issued by one of the following certification bodies, depending on the specific circumstances:

  • Bureau Veritas;
  • TÜV Nord;
  • Kiwa Inspecta.

Job offers

‘Be part of the Trust family and join our team to fulfill international projects!’

At Trust we consider our employees our greatest asset. To help our employees perform optimally, we take care of facility matters such as visas and housing. That way, employees can focus fully on their project, together with the other team members. Would you like to work for a hardy organisation with a lot of passion and positive team spirit? Then contact one of our offices.