Are you about to embark on a project and looking for a subcontractor on a unit rate or time and material basis? Are you looking for a project partner that provides an all-service solution? Then put your trust in Trust!

Trust is a specialised subcontractor in the following industries:

Trust focuses on projects in the maintenance or new construction of power plants and low- and high-voltage systems. We also carry out projects in the sustainable energy sector, including the construction of monopiles and foundations for offshore wind farms, turbine installations and the installation of offshore wind farms.
When we work in the oil and chemical/petrochemical sector, we distinguish between offshore, refineries and petrochemicals. For installations in the oil and petrochemical sector, we provide support for turnarounds, revamps, maintenance projects and new construction.
In the gas industry, Trust focuses specifically on projects involving gas compressors, process control stations, and underground storage and LNG storage facilities.
For nuclear projects, Trust provides support for turnarounds, revamps, maintenance projects, dismantling and new construction.
Our work for storage and transshipment companies mostly involves new construction and renovation projects. As a subcontractor, Trust can contribute and take responsibility for all your needs throughout the entire process, from the jetty to the construction or maintenance of the storage tank.
The projects that Trust works for within the offshore and maritime sectors focus in particular on the following branches of industry: ship and yacht building, offshore.
As a subcontractor, Trust is involved in the construction of luxury yachts, inland vessels, passenger ships and dredgers, as well as in the construction of offshore drilling rigs.
Trust focuses on turnarounds, revamps, maintenance projects and new construction in the pharmaceutical and biochemical sectors.
As a subcontractor, Trust offers support to turnarounds, revamps, maintenance and new construction projects in the food, dairy and beverage industry.
Data centres are shooting up like mushrooms. In the hi-tech sector we act as a subcontractor and project partner for revamps and new construction of data centres and the semi-conductor industry.
Trust’s expertise is called in for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, ports, bridges, locks and tunnels. To build and maintain the infrastructure, Trust can provide a full-service subcontractor solution for revamp and new construction projects.


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At Trust we consider our employees our greatest asset. To help our employees perform optimally, we take care of facility matters such as visas and housing. That way, employees can focus fully on their project, together with the other team members. Would you like to work for a hardy organisation with a lot of passion and positive team spirit? Then contact one of our offices.